Launching 2020

Women learning about the real estate investing business

What is the Sisterhood?

Flipping houses is easy...said no one. It's work. And it takes knowledge to do it right. But it can be SO MUCH FUN when you are approaching it with respect & the correct tools.    

The Curvy Flipper Sisterhood is designed to help educate, motivate and inspire women who want to change their lives by sharing everything Tracie knows about the business, renovations and design. 

The Sisterhood will be exclusive to it's members offering online group support, the opportunity to work one on one with Tracie Stern and it will include resources exclusive to Sisterhood members. 

Tracie knows that women run the world and her program is designed around the crazy schedules we keep. Whether you have an hour, a day,  a week or a month to dedicate to your real estate investment business, The Curvy Flipper Sisterhood will be open and ready to assist you. 

Launching in early 2020